Arcsylver is the long established internet identity for Randall E Hitchcock.

I am located in the Chicago, Illinois neighborhood of Roger's Park.

I am a freelance photographer, videographer, and audio technician. I have been doing freelance work for over 20 years off and on for various outlets from high school yearbooks, local cable studios, local theater, newspapers as well as recording audio for podcasts and radio.


  I am always looking for the interesting, strange, beautiful, or unique. I never leave home without my camera in my bag so that when I come across such things I can capture images of them to showcase here on


 I have a loving husband, parents, relatives and friends who enjoy my work and encourage me to always push myself forward with the art I create. This makes me incredibly happy.   


  And best of all, you get to enjoy the fruits of my passion here!  Enjoy!