Arcsylver Audio - The Burnham Society Podcast

The Burnham Society Podcast has been an ongoing recording project for Arcsylver Audio for a little over a year now and we are proud to announce that we now offer all Current and future episodes on the site available to listen for FREE!   

As each new episode is available it will have a blog entry here on announcing it available for download from iTunes.


 For those of you who do not know what the Burnham Society Podcast is,  It is a wonderful audio podcast about the hidden side of Chicago after the Columbia Exposition.  It involves monsters, Fey, Strange Recipes, Demons, lost artifacts, Much more interesting explanations for some of the oddball civil projects as well as one very opinionated Book Store Proprietor who is often your tour guide through this wonderful and weird world of alternate Chicago.



  Go to the Burnham Society Podcast section to have a listen for yourself. I bet you will be happy you did.   


 The Burnham Society is also availible on iTunes.