Arcsylver's Future

When I started this website a year ago I envisioned a place I could showcase my photography and podcasting and not much else.  After a year of getting things going, a failed attempt to use a third party service to market my photos, and lots of life changes I have decided that the original plan still stands, with a slight twist.


  This year and forward this wite will become my showcase for my various works, as well as my place on the web for my thoughts, likes, dislikes and whatever strikes me to post about.  


 I am not a fan of Facebook.  Too much advertising and other annoyances to really be a constructive place for me to gather my thoughts and otherwise let my mental wanderings free. 

Because of this I am going to begin using my blog as my outlet and less the social media hubs out there that can be such a slog to find those gems of goodness.


  I hope those of you who have found my little hidden corner of the web continue to come and see my works as they progress and hopefully improve.