Canon EOS M, 22mm f/2.0 Pancake, EX90 Speedlite

on 8/8/2013 I purchashed from B&H Photo my next camera.


 A Canon EOS M with 22mm F/2.0 Pancake lens, EX90 Speedlite and an extra battery.

I purchased this camera after I did a series of shoots with the MorBacon theater Company and my trusty Canon Rebel XS I have produced most of the images on this site with really left me in the lurch on ISO performance as Autofocus reliability.

I paid $455 shipped. Not too shabby. This camera has been oft maligned for poor autofocus performance since it's release, but with the recent firmware update from Canon it appears this has mostly been solved and the camera is suddenly getting rave reviews even from jaded pros who hated it when it cost $600.  Apparently cutting the price in half is a great motivator! 


  Once the new camera arrives I will begin taking shots with it and post the results here on the site.  Here's to hoping that I didn't just make a huge mistake by not keeping the $500 I had saved up so far towards a Canon 6D.  I am pretty confident that I made the right decision.