My Disappointment in Canon... And my switch to DJI.

  Thank you Canon USA for making this decision much less painful to make.  I have really enjoyed your Camera. I STILL love my Canon EOS 1 film camera and will continue to use it any time I shoot film.  However, your recent sluggishness and refusal to admit that Mirrorless is where photography in general is heading and not your cherished DSLR stable.  Please. Get a clue before you are left behind by the companies who have embraced the smaller form factors and formats.


  As to the decision, I have been searching for a replacement for my Canon gear as my daily rig.  My little Canon EOS M has been a true pleasure to use but the continued lack of full support for the M series has lead me to think Canon isn't fully committed to the system, at least here in the USA.  This in turn lead me to look elsewhere for my imaging and audio needs.  I need a good, stable system that can do high quality video and photos.  It does not need to be some multi lens 100 pound monster I have to lug around with me as I explore my world and create my images.  It needs to be high quality. It needs to be easy for me to use so the equipment doesn't interfere with the process of creating my images.  A DSLR system sadly doesn't do this.  I wanted much more than what Canon has on offer utility wise. 


  This brings me to DJI.  Yeah, that's right, the Multi-rotor Aerial Camera makers.  I will be saving up to purchase three products from DJI to do nearly ALL of my needs for this site and my projects.  

  First the DJI Osmo. ( DJI Website ). A compact all in one unit that allows me to shoot 4K video as well as 12 Megapixel stills in a nice, non intimidating package.  Something I really appreciate as I wander the city looking for things to image.  


Second, The DJI Phantom 3 Professional ( DJI Website ). This will be my initial venture into Aerial Photography as well as video.  A truly idiot proof solution that will enable me to "rise above" the clutter to get amazing images from a perspective I have never before explored.  This brings me to the ultimate end goal.


 The DJI Inspire 1 Pro/RAW. ( DJI Website )  This unit will allow me a much higher level of aerial capability than the Phantom 3 with a much better quality camera that , if I choose to, can accommodate Micro 4/3 lenses.  Which goes along perfectly with my previous post from last year regarding the Olympus OM-D EM 1.  I can still get the OM-D and use the lenses on both the still camera or on the Inspire.  Both of which have that "Professional" look, many people expect.


  Not that this change will occur quickly, or soon.  These Item however will ultimately cost me LESS than the desired Canon EF system gear I had so lovingly wish listed over at B&H.  By about $5000.   So yeah, Thanks for the great images Canon.  I will see you in the air!