Gear Follow up....Olympus OM-D EM 5

Back in December I wrote a post explaining my decision to commit to the Micro 4/3 format with the purchase of the Olympus OM-D EM 5 camera body.  I have been using it exclusively since it arrived and along with the purchase of two additional lenses, (12-50mm EZ and 40-150mm) I have been experimenting and learning the quirks and abilities of the new system.  I must admit, I am impressed.

 Coming from the APS-C format with my previous camera (Canon EOS M). I was a little leery of going to such a , comparatively, tiny sensor.  And I can now say that my worries were unfounded. As some of the images I have posted since I got the camera show, it is a quite capable system even with the basic 14-42mm cheap kit lens and the upgraded kit lens (12-50mm EZ) just improves on the capabilities, and makes the system weather resistant which is always a plus here in Chicago during winter. I have been posting my test shots over on my Facebook page since I don't really think they are worth posting here on just yet. But I have done some private headshot shoots for a couple of clients with very good results in the new studio setup.


  I am very pleased with the decision to go with micro 4/3 as my primary format. I of course still have and use the Canon EOS M as well as shoot on film using both my Canon EOS 1 and my Pentax K 1000.  I just tend to use the Olympus for my workhorse now more than the others.  


  Currently looking to save up for the Pro series lenses Olympus makes to take advantage of the stunning sharpness those lenses produce.  Those will take a lot of penny pinching to get but should make for a very good investment long term.