A Shift in Focus...

Well, the past year has been a very hectic one between my spouse losing, then finding, then moving to a even newer job, shake ups at work, and really terrible wet weather.  Due to this my usual outdoor photography  suffered a near fatal death this year with very few decent shots and minimal motivation to endure the wet and cold to attempt to get more.

  But, this has allowed me to search for more indoor related photo subjects and in the process rekindled a old love of mine from my childhood day.  Building Blocks.  Yeah go ahead and laugh.

  But seriously, I discovered that these little block sets, specifically from Mega Bloks/Mega Construx, are perfect photo subjects.    With my admittedly very limited and poorly designed studio I am able to do nice diorama scenes with the models and figures quite adequately, so mu photography has shifted pretty much exclusively to this genre for a while as I explore this new area.  Enjoy the new world!