The Burnham Society Podcast: Short Cuts

Drabbles are stories consisting of 100 words. They’re an extreme form of short-story writing, forcing you to convey a complete idea as economically as possible. These stories reflect a few of my drabbles over the years that had some connection to the 51st ward. I encourage you to give it a try. If you have some 51st ward ones, let me know!

The best place to find good drabbles.

Our thanks go out to Suzanne Bracken and Tessa Jerz for their voices this episode.

Music Notes:

Library- Clockwork Dolls: When Banners Fall Instrumental

Clockwork- Michael Ghelfi: Discovery

Shoes – Portished: Scorn

Letter- Clockwork Dolls: Dragonfall

Intro and Outro is Kevin MacLeod: The Builder